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The earliest record we have of Ledsome is

"Prince William County, Virginia, Personal Property Tax 1787 List B "

The spelling on this document refers to a Daniel Leadsome.

This may or maynot be the same person. We believe this is

Daniel Ledsome.

It lists Daniel as, 0 males 16-21 in household, owning 2 horses and 7 cows.


Here the spelling is different also.

Again this may or maynot be Daniel Ledsome.

There were many different spellings for the name " Ledsome "

Found in the " Genealogy of Virginia Vol. IV " , (He-P)

In Dec. 1663, William Storke reported in the Westmoreland Court the verbal will of Major Francis Dade, made at sea in May of that same year, when Dade was bound for Virginia. In this will he names his wife and son Nehemiah Storke executors, and friends Daniel Lissonn and Alexander Doniphan overseers of the will, the two latter to receive 1,000 lbs. of tobacco and caske a piece.

The will (Westmoreland Orders 1665-1677,p. 280) was proved

May 16,1677.


Va, Prince William County Deeds 1791-1796, PG 25

pp. 76-78

A land transaction between Francis Montgomerie and John Farguson.

Witnesses were: John Kincheloe, William Kincheloe Joshua Farguson,

Francis Montgomery,William Brown, , Josias Farguson,

And Daniel Ledsome spelled "Ledrom "

On April 2, 1792 the Court of Prince William County acknowledged and recorded

The land transaction between Montgomerie and Farguson.





PP. 538-540

A poll taken at Prince William Court House on Monday 16th day of March 1795

For the election of a member to the House of Representatives of the United States

For the District composed of the Counties of " Loudoun, Fairfax, and Prince William.

There were 2 Candidates as follows:

Richard B. Lee***** There were 17 voters casting their vote to him.

Richard Brent***** There were 139 voters casting their votes to him.

Among the 139 voters were Daniel Ledsome, John Dye, and Amos Dye.



Daniel Ledsome

Daniel was born around 1805, he Died 3-2-1846.He married Drusilla Anna Dye

On 10-1-1831, in Wood Co. Va. (Wood Co. Marriages)

She was born 10-7-1810, she is the daughter of Vincent & Elizabeth (Petty) Dye.

After Daniel died Drusilla's 2nd marriage was to Benjamin Arnold on 4-29-1851,

in Wirt Co, Va.

Daniel and Drusilla Ledsome had 6 children:


Dussoway (many spellings)


William H.

Daniel A.

Sarah Ann (sally)



Elizabeth (b) 1832, (m) Samuel H. Bonnett on 12-18-1849, (Wirt Co Marriages)

Dussoway (b) 6-6-1833 in Wood Co, Va. (d) 1917 in Roane Co, Va/Wv. (m) Mary Patton (date unknown), she was born in 1835.

According to "The History of Roane County" Dussoway came to Reedy, then to the Big Sandy area around 1851. Dussoway and Mary had 4 children, Mary died in 1863.



His 2nd marriage was to Eliza J. Drennen, on 8-17-1865, he was 30/ she was 26.

Dussoway and Eliza had 8 children. It is said that Eliza came to Dussoway's home, mothered and cared for the household for the rest of her life.

Eli (b) 1835-36, (m) Catherine King on 5-29-1855. He was 19 / she was 21.

(Wirt County Marriages)

William H.(b) Jan. 1837 in Wood Co. Va. (m) Julianna Robertson on 9-10-1856, He was 18 / she was 17 , (Wirt Co. Marriages). She was born 1938 in Wood Co,Va.

Julianna was the daughter of James and Sarah (Farnsworth) Robertson.

William and Julianna had 12-13 children.

After Julianna died William married his 2nd wife, Nancy Copen, (widow of George Copen) on 7-6-1894. He was 56 / she was 48. (Wirt Co. Marriages)

William served in the Civil War, Co. B. 11th Volunteer Infantry (union)

Daniel A. (b) 4-13-1840 in Wood Co. (d) 7-27-1908, Roane Co. (m) Priscilla Jane Dye

(his 1st cousin) on 12-25-1857. He was 17 / she was 15.(Wirt Co. Marriages).

Priscilla was born 9-8-1842, she died 9-17-1913. She was the daughter of

Dussoway G. and Mary Ann (McKinley) Dye.

Daniel and Priscilla had 12 children.

Sarah Ann (b) ? (m) Ephriam Doolittle on 11/2/1851. No ages given.

( Wirt Co. Marriages)


Dussoway Ledsome

There were many different spellings for Dussoway

Such as: Dissoway, Dusosway, Dussaway, Dussosaway, Dosauceaway, Dusoisaway.

He was named after his Grandfather on his mother's side. Dussoway Dye.

Dussoway Ledsome was a farmer and stock-raiser of Geary District, Roane Co. He was a member of the Board of Education for 6 years, and overseer of the poor for two years.

His Post Office address was Left Hand, Roane County, West Virginia.


Son of Daniel & Drusilla Ledsome

Children of Dussoway & Mary (Patton) Ledsome (1st wife)

America A. Ledsome

Susan J. Ledsome

Vincent Alexander Ledsome

Drusanna Ledsome



America A. (b) 2-13-1855, (m) Elijah K. Reynolds on 5-23-1875.

She was 20 / He was 22. (Wirt Co. Marriages)

Susan J. (b) 11-4-57, (m) Shelton Van Buren Carper on 6-17-1877.

She was 17 / He was 26. ( Roane Co. Marriages)

Vincent Alexander (b) 7-24-1860,(m) Mary King on 9-17-1883.

No ages given (Roane Co. Marriages)

Mary was the daughter of John King, Pioneer of Left Hand.

Drusanna (b) 4-4-1863,(m) Lilburn or Tiblin Hall on 5-5-1878.

She was 16 /He was 19. (Roane Co. Marriages)


Children of Dussoway & Eliza J (Drennen) Ledsome

(2nd wife)

Minerva Lil. ***** Eugenia F.

Camden L. ******* Milony F.

Roena M. ******* Virginia J.

Daniel C. ******* William L.



Minerva Lil (b) 6-5-1864,(m) H.E. Taylor on 2-20-1884.

No ages given (Roane Co. Marriages).

Camden L. (b) 7-11-1877, (m) Lydia Drake. She was the daughter of Admiral Drake,

Admiral was the son of Charles Drake. Camden and Lydia had 8 children.

(Camden is my Great Grand Father)

Roena M. (b) 5-7-1868, She never married. She had son, 1 Amos Ledsome.

Daniel C. (b) 2-28-1870…(d) 4-7-1871

Eugenia F. (b) 5-18-1872, (m) Lewis Payne on 12-29-1893.

She was 21 / He was 22. (Roane Co. Marriages)

Milony F. (b) 5-7-1877, (m) lewis Cobb on 7-9-1896.

She was 19 / He was 34. (Roane Co. Marriages)

Virginia J. (b) 6-8-1879…(d) 6-8-1879

William L. (b) 6-13-1881,..(d) July 1960 (m) Naomi Patton on 2-20-1900. Naomi was born 2-18-1884 in Amma. She died 11-28-1951 in Amma, Roane County.

He was 19 / She was 18. (Roane Co. Marriages.

William and Naomi had 10 children.




Son of Daniel & Drusilla Ledsome

William H. Ledsome

Children of William & Julianna (Robertson) Ledsome

Daniel H. (b) 1857, (m) Mary J. Steed on 11-9-1881.

He was 24 / She was 17. (Wirt Co. Marriages)

James W. (b) 1859, (m) (1st Marriage) Amanda Bonnett on 1-21-1881.

He was 22 / She was 18. (Wirt Co.Marriages)

James 2nd marriage was to Amanda Wright on 9-5-1885. He was 27 / She was 22.

(Wirt Co. Marriages)

William G. (b) 1862 (m) A.U. Hickman on 11-15-1885. (Wirt Co. Marriages)

Sarah A. (b) 1865

John L. (b) 1867, (m) Martha Bennett on 5-15-1891.

He was 24 / She was 18. (Wirt Co. Marriages)

Mary A. (b) 1868, (m) Andrew P. Shook on 5-19-1886.

She was18 / He was 22. (Wirt Co. Marriages)

Lucinda  (b) 1871, (m) N.D. Madden on 6-21-1891.

She was 21 / He was 50. (Wirt Co. Marriages)

Martha F. (b) 1875, (m) Charles E. Bonnett on 2-28-1891.

She was16 / He was 21. (Wirt Co. Marriages)

Albert Alan Dale (b) 8-9-1876,Wirt Co.(d) 6-6-1956 Wood Co. (m) Minnie Copen

On 12-16-1894. (Wirt Co. Marriages) Minnie was born 1876. She was the daughter of

Alberts step mother, Nancy and George Copen.

Minnie Died. Albert then married 2nd Ivy Gay Smith on 10-20-1930.

He was 54 / She was 18. Ivy was born 4-19-1912 Wirt Co. She was the daughter of Cleke & Ruby Smith.

It is said that Albert & Minnie had several children together. Then when he remarried Ivy Gay Smith they had 18 children. So I do not know the exact number of children he fathered.After Albert died Ivy married 2nd Rev. Rex Boram, Wirt Co.

Thomas (b) 1879-80

Clara (b) May 1886, (m) Claude Drennen.

Marion (b) 4-20-1888.



Son of Daniel & Drusilla Ledsome

Daniel A. Ledsome

Children of Daniel A. & Priscilla Ledsome


Nathaniel D. ……………………………...Sarah

Mary E. ………………………Harry/Harvey A.

Martha L. ……………………………………Ida

Margaret Francis (Maggie)…...William (Willie)

George Dye………………………..Daniel Boone

Druzzy Angelina……………….Charles Reuben


Nathaniel D. (b) 1859, (m) Anna B. McCutcheon on 6-13-1884. (Wirt Co. Marriages)

Mary E. (b) 1861, (m) Wagner.

Martha L. (b) June 1864, (m) Isaac Enoch.

Margaret Francis (Maggie) (b) 6-4-1866 in Roane Co., (m) 1st Dr. Daniel Cain M.D. on 7-18-1885. She was 18. He was 45. Her 2nd Marriage was to Jonah Peter Rollins. She then Remarried a third time to Goerge V. Ruth.

George Dye (b) 7-1-1868, (m) Clarinda George on 1-18-1891. He was 22. She was 20.

(Wirt Co. Marriages).

Druzzy Angelina (b) June 1870, (m) 1st Amos George on 9-19-1889. She was 19. He was 27. (Roane Co. Marriages)… Her 2nd Marriage was to George McCoy.

Sarah J. (b) 1872-3, (m) George Evan Thomas on 8-20-1891. She was 19. He was 20.

(Roane Co. Marriages).

Harvey/Harry A. (b) 1874-5, (m) Anna George on 11-13-1898. 

Ida (b) 1-17-1877, (m) Lewis Edgar Simms on 2-18-1899, both were at the age 22 (Roane Co Marriages).

Her 2nd marriage was to William Smith.

William T. (Willie) (b) 4-16-1878, (m) Mary R. Rice on 9-13-1906. He was 27.

She was 22. (Roane Co. Marriages).

Danial Boone (b) Nov, 1881, (m) Mary Price

Charles Reuben (b) 9-9-1885, (m) Nora George on 4-4-196? in Wood Co.


son of Dussoway & Eliza J. (Drennen) Ledsome

Camden L. Ledsome

Children of Camden L. & Lydia (Drake) Ledsome

Ella Marie. ………………….Earl

William McKinnley. ……Ersel L.

Dewey General. ………...Elmer R.

Ora Waitman. ………….Thelma J.

Della Mae



Ella Marie (b) 3-2-1894 (d) 2-3-1962. (m) Peter Edward McCune on 1-28-1914. He was

24. She was 20. He was the son of Thomas Pleasant & Elizabeth P. (Rose) McCune.

They had 10 Children

William McKinnley (b) 1897. (m) Stella Crihfield. They raised Lou Eda Runnion,(his brother (Ora Ledsome's) daughter).

McKinnley later changed his name to Kenny, He was referred to as Kenny the rest of his life. He was an ordained Baptist minister. They had no children.

Dewey General (b) 2-24-1899. (m) Gatha Mae Crihfield.She was born 9-3-1901.

They had 2 children Wanda Lee (b) 10-15-1926. & Nobert Keith (b) 1-10-1936.

Wanda Lee (m) Ellis Short. They had 4 children: Jeffrey, Ronald Dale, Terry Randall, Vickie Denise.

Nobert Keith (m) Janice Surface. They had 2 children: Keith Randall, & Tamela Renee'

Ora (b) 1901. (m) Hulda Ann Runnion. She was born 8-4-1904,(d) 2-15-1990 at age 86.

They had 3 children: Eva Mae , Camden F. Lou Eda.

Eva Mae (m) Golden Strauter, 2 children, Theodore, Frank.

Camden F.(m) Hazel Drake. 3 children, Ora (Butch), Rhonda, Debra.

Della Mae (b) 4-4-1903. (d) 7-11-1977 (m) Preston Nutter McCune on 1-6-1923. He was born 3-15-1891. He was the son of Thomas Pleasant & Elizabeth P. (Rose) McCune.

They had 11 children.

Earl (b) 1905

Ersel L. (b) 4-2-1909. (m) Virgie Patton. 1 son Ruel Ledsome.

Elmer R. (b) 6-30-1913. (m) Ada Abbott. 1 child, Deloris Ann (m) Bobbie Payne

Thelma J. (b) 5-26-1914. (m) 1st Robert Emmett Williams. They had 4 children:

Maxine (b)6-26-1935 died a baby ,Dewey, Robert Emmett Jr., Elsie Louise (b) 2-16-1937 (m) Lucine Luther Prater.

Robert Emmett Jr. had 2 children Robert (Robbie)Carol, & Loma Alisa.






Special Thanks to 2 lovely ladies that I have met on the computer.  

Sharon Ledsome & Phyllis (Dye) Slater

Thank you for the information you sent and your willingness to help me

dig deeper into the family. 

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